Crusher Machine SC Series

● The model is our best-selling one. It has been sold to over 20 countries with the accumulated sales volume up to 450.
● Applications: PET Bottle Recycling‧PE, PP Recycling‧Film Recycling Plastic Injection Machine Recycling‧WEEE Recycling‧Waste Recycling Biomass Treatment‧PVC,ABS,PS Recycling‧Cable Wires Recycling Tire Recycling


Photo of Actual Machine
Type HP Into Size Rotary Cutter Slationary Cutter Rotary Diamltar Capacity kg/hg
SC 600/500 40~60 600x500mm 8pcs. pcs. Ø 600mm 350~500
SC 600/600 50~75 600x600mm 8pcs. pcs. Ø 600mm 500~750
SC 700/1000 75~100 700x1000mm 16pcs. pcs. Ø 700mm 750~1200
SC 700/1200 100~125 700x1200mm 16pcs. pcs. Ø 700mm 1000~1500
SC 700/1500 125~150 700x1500mm 20pcs. pcs. Ø 700mm 1200~1750
SC 800/1000 125~150 6800x1000mm 16pcs. pcs. Ø 800mm 1500~2000
SC 800/1500 150~200 800x1500mm 20pcs. pcs. Ø 800mm 1750~2250