Cable Wire Recycling Line

The purity is expectable
in Cable Wire Recycling Business

We are proud to offer you equipment developed based on 20 years’ experience, manufactured in our own factory and delivered to several hundred satisfied customers worldwide.
We offer you equipmentand recycling solutions forprocessing of e.g. tyres, cable, electronics (WEEE) and industrial waste.

Depending on type of cables the Chang Woen Cable Recycling Plant can give a final separation of at least 99.5% clean metal fraction of either aluminium or copper.
The plastic fraction contains approximately 2- 5% of metal. This fraction can then be further cleaned in a dry way with a Classifier and/or in a wet way on a Water Separation Unit

Downsized Material
Insolation Granulated
Aluminum Granulated
Cooper Granulated

Standard plants are offered with capacities ranging from 150-300 kg/production hour. And systems are tailored to suit specific customer requirements.


● High performance
● Low processing costs
● Low power consumption
● Low maintenance costs
● Minimum loss of metals
● Minimum 99,5% metal purity
● Tailored to suit your requirements and facilities

Technical Details
Capacity Availability
  150 kg/Hr 300 kg/Hr 500 kg/Hr
Process Measurement 2.1M x4.5M 2.1M x6M 2.1M x6.5M
Power Consumption ~52.5 kw ~67.5 kw ~86.25 kw
Machine weight 3.5Ton 4.0Ton 4.5Ton
Input Cable Diameter ≦Ø12mm ≦Ø12mm ≦Ø20mm