Horizontal Hydro-Extractor


● Impact continuously with high-speed blade system.
● Continues discharging automatically
● Centrifugal De-water Design
● Efficiency of moisture remove:99% for flakes and Chips 85~90 for Films
● Patent Design Decagon Screen


Model NO: HD1800/650 HD1800/750
Measurement: 2,687x1,715x1,800mm 2,741x1,780x2,035mm
Motor Power: 60HP/75HP 75HP/100HP
Rotary Diameter: Ø650mm Ø750mm
Material: SUS-304 SUS-304
Moisture Remove (For Flakes and Chips): 99% 99%
Moisture Remove (For Films): 85~90% 85~90%
Capacity (For Flakes and Chips): 800~1000kg/hr 2800kg/hr
Capacity (For Films): 500kg/hr 900kg/hr