Out from Landfill Become Green Alternative Energy

From 4500Kcal ~6500Kcal Caloric Value Suits to Cement Plant, Power Plant, Paper Mill Plant
Focus on Bulky Waste Material Handling

The waste market is one with a global outlook and presence; the markets are in a constant state of flux, and not only as a result of internationalization. Chang Woen Taiwan specialize in the technology of manufacturing the machine ranged from Size Reduction, Sizing, Segregation and Purification, such as conveying, storage, treatment, loading and dosing of alternative fuels (or refuse-derived fuels – RDF).

Our Knowledge & Know-How

Our knowledge and experience are concentrated in our Core of Competence, which keeps a close watch on developments in the Alternative Fuels market segment. Our service portfolio, from planning to commissioning, includes the complete range of systems technology. From the outset, our Core of Competence provides a professional project planning service and delivery of your systems and plants, all from a single source and to the highest quality standards. On schedule, Promptly, with practical experience and customer orientation.

Solutions for the processing of

● Commercial waste
● Bulky waste and packaging waste
● Production waste
● Mixed building and demolition waste

Chang Woen provides the technology required for manufacturing different alternative fuels (RDF) from a single source, and developed and designed in accordance with individual requirements. The solutions we manufacture and sells consist of components for shredding, conveying, screening, separating, storing and dosing alternative fuels. The development, design and manufacture of long-lasting operationally stable plants for RDF manufacture and processing is technology-intensive.

MSW to RDF-3, 350TPD @ Ukraine

Rough shredding in the pretreatment as beginning of entire RDF plant.

  ~350 TPD ~600TPD
Plant Size ~2000 M2 ~4000 M2
Power Consumption ~300 Kw/Hr ~390 Kw/Hr
Maintenance Cost /Product 5~8 USD/ton 5~7 USD/ton
Labour Required /Shift ~15 ppl ~25 ppl
Application Cement Plant, Power Plant

● 100 – 300 mm particle size as pre-shred stage
● Moisture in the final product – 30%
● Average Caloric Value – 4300~4600 Kcal
● Easy maintenance
● Low operating and maintenance costs
● Cement Plant application