Out of Landfill, Become Clean Energy !

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This is a field we have specialized in ever since the company was founded in 1985 and today we are an international market leader thanks to our ongoing new developments and innovations.
We are your reliable partner for plants for the processing of mixed building, demolition, commercial, domestic or hazardous waste. We also has the perfect shredding technology for difficult feed materials such as sprues from injection machines, mattresses, baling wires from the paper industry or bales of empty Big Bags.

The result is well-conceived plants for the processing of alternative fuels or recovery of recyclables. Not only do you have the support of our engineers and technicians during planning and realization, but Chang Woen’s professional project management service ensures that our customers have a competent team on side to come up with the optimal solution to their complex briefs.


Solid Waste (MSW) is one of the wastes with high potential to be used as fuel for energy production due to extremely large quantity with low cost. The production of densified refuse-derived fuel RDF from MSW is an interesting alternative to the use of high calorific portion of MSW as fuel for energy production. It can be used as main fuel for electricity production, co-fuel for biomass power plant or as substitute fuel in industrial boiler. This helps to solve the problem of waste management and conserve energy, while reducing environmental impacts and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Plant Management
Recycling Line Design
RDF Recycling Process

In the landfill, you can find all kinds of waste mixed and storage in either plastic bags or exposed with soil and air. In order to receive what we expect, we put the MSW into series of machinery combination and get high caloric portion of fraction at result. This process is so called RDF Recycling Process.
Our customers benefit from our decades of experience in the treatment and processing of diverse types of waste. Our customers around the world use the efficient and variable shredding technology from Chang Woen to enable them to process alternative fuels economically and efficiently

  • Feeding System

  • Wind Shifter Segregation System

  • Trommel Size Segregation

  • Loading/ Conveyor System

  • Finger Screen/ Sizing System

  • Shredder/ Sizing System