Pet Bottles Washing Line

Turn-Key Solution for Food Grade application

20min Pre-Wash +17min Flake Wash
Cooking Oil Bottle/ Grease Bottle

How much do you know about your bottles regarding with following features ?

● Cooking Oil bottle in Asia
● Shrinkage /Long Label Sleeve
● Poor quality of Label Adhesion

Get to know what bottle you have in your hands

Because of the many grades of the end-product application and the wide variety in the choice of glues and oils.selection, supply, erection and commissioning of complete plants or single machine based on the specific regional and economic conditions. For this purpose, Chang Woen has designed 5~7 different recycling processes which meets each requirement of end-product and application.

End-Production Application

The end-product such as clothes which is made of synthetic fiber, and the food package such as rPET bottles and rPET thermal forming package, they are all capable to be made from PET flakes and pellets. However, one singe process line/ washing may not be able to deliver the best quality of flakes to all the demand for all the application.

Tailor-Made Tuxedo

Different area/ region has different PET bottle condition due to different Culture and the way people having Food is different as well. Which also means the contamination is different in the PET bottles, therefore, get to know what bottles you have is always the first step to set up a PET washing line. Chang Woen is be able to provide customized process line due to decades of experiences which is perfect fit to your own bottles as beautiful as Tuxedo.

rPET flakes
Pressed Bottles

● Wet Grinder equipped
● Total Contamination Remaining : ≦ 50 ppm
● Chemical Residual Remaining : ≦ 50 ppm
● Moisture in the final product : ~ 1%
● Powder fines : ~3%
● Low operating and maintenance costs

Input Capability ~2.0 TPH ~3.0TPH
Plant Size ~1500 M2 ~2200 M2
Power Consumption ~470 Kw/Hr ~588 Kw/Hr
Maintenance Cost /Product ~3.5 USD/ton ~3.2 USD/ton
Labour Required /Shift 6~12 ppl 6~18 ppl
Water Consumption /Product 4 M3/Ton 4 M3/Ton
Boiler Required Capacity 2.0 Ton 3.0 Ton
Chemical Detergent Yes Yes
Application Food Grade, B2B, B2S