Specializing in designing and manufacturing all kinds of high efficiency crushers and breakers which are well sold around the world. Our professional field includes.


which is the manage concept of our company. Based on the 30 years experience as well as a group of professional specialists, we insist on providing various innovative, safe and available machineries to meet our customers respective requirement and maintain our everlasting management.

  • Equipment for recycling plastic waste material. Whole plant output.
  • Reclaimed plastic waste material pelletizer.
  • Super powerful breaker.
  • Intellective powerful crusher.
  • Silent crusher.
  • General economical crusher.
  • Machine for treating waste syringes.
  • Stirring and blending machine.
  • Knife Grinder.
  • Conveying equipment: Exhaust machine, cyclone separator, conveying belt, screw conveying belt.
  • Dirt collector.
  • Design and manufacture of related machinery.