Crusher Machine CM-Strength Crusher


● Hydraulic body opening for changing new cutters and cleaning remainders easily.
● Energy saving,wide cutting angle,stable electric current when crushing all depend on spcecial design of rotary cutter's angle.
● Bearing are installed on the outside of body for maintenance easily and no influence by the temperature of the body,increasing the life of bearing.
● Big rotating diameter and hopper is able to endure enormous plastic products.


Type (Power) HP Into Size Rotary cutter Slationary cutter Rotary diameter Capacity kg/H Input
CM500/750 50~60 500x750mm 12pcs 6pcs 500mm 600~800
CM500/1000 60~75 500x 1000mm 16pcs 4pcs 500mm 700~1000
CM500/1200 75~100 500x 1200mm 16pcs 4pcs 500mm 900~1200
CM600/750 60~75 600x 750mm 12pcs 6pcs 600mm 800~1000
CM600/1000 75~100 600x 1000mm 16pcs 4pcs 600mm 900~1200
CM600/1200 100~125 600x 1200mm 16pcs 4pcs 600mm 1000~1300
CM600/1500 125~150 600x 1500mm 20pcs 6pcs 600mm 1200~1600
CM800/1000 100~125 800x 1000mm 16pcs 4pcs 800mm 1200~1500
CM800/1200 125~150 800x 1200mm 16pcs 6pcs 800mm 1300~1800
CM800/1500 150~200 800x 1500mm 20pcs 4pcs 800mm 1500~2000