Crusher Machine SM2-Instant Recycling Crusher - SM2-225


● Spearating design of machine stand results in easily removed assembled and clean.
● Replaceable claw cutters make the best output.
● Crushing noise is less than 75 db when crushers are idle runnung.
● Hopper is designed of robot arms, conveyor belts and customer's requirements.
● To deal with output, direct packing with bags or buckets, combining with central supplying system and proportional blending machine are capable.
● With low horse power but great torque force, it can be operated efficiency.
● It's portable to save space.



Ideal of recycling scrape materials and is located beside injection machines.


Type HP Into Size Rotary cutter Slationary cutter LxWxH (mm)
SM2-225 1~2 225x180 mm 225 mm x 3pcs. 225 mm x 2pcs 1200x480x680 mm /
1400x480x680 mm
SM2-300 1~3 300x180 mm 150 mm x 6pcs. 300 mm x 2pcs 1200x550x680 mm /
1400x550x680 mm
SM-150 1~2 150x150 mm 150 mm x 3pcs. 150 mm x 2pcs 1200x460x530 mm