Multi-Claw Shredder (Breaker)


Wide range usage such as waste plastics, load board, tire, electric cores and cables, pc board and CD...etc. Except iron. Effective with good capacity and low noise. Shredding size can be controlled by screen and no need to be crushed again. Blade is replaceable for using multi-times and lower the cost.

Model CW40-D2Y CW-40DY CW80-2DY CW80-DY
Power 75~100HP 75~100HP 150~200HP 150~200HP
Into Size 735x1550mm 378x1255mm 654x1585mm 638x1555mm
Stationary cutter 519x100x35mmx6pcs 428.5mmx4pcs
530x150x40mmx6pcs 493.75mmx4pcs
Rotary cutter 40x40x15mmx78pcs 40x40x15mmx110pcs 80x80x20mmx39pcs 80x80x25mmx52pcs
Rotary Diameter Ø620mm Ø410mm Ø680mm Ø620mm
Speed 100~120 RPM 100~120 RPM 100~120 RPM 100~120 RPM