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Chang Woen Machinery recycling equipment show up at Taipei Plas 2016


Power on! – Chang Woen Machinery recycling equipment show up at Taipei Plas 2016

▲Exhibition machines: 4.0TPH Horizontal Centrifugal Dryer, 0.6TPH Squeezer, Double Shaft Shredder, 2.0TPH Quantitative Input Crusher, Horizontal Dryer for Pellets


(1) 4.0TPH Horizontal Centrifugal dryer
The largest capacity of Horizontal Centrifugal dryer in Asia, applicable to hard plastic materials like PET, ABS, HIPS, PS, HDPE, PP etc. Also, applicable to soft plastic film, such as GPET, APET, OPS, OPP, LDPE, HDPE.

(2) 0.6TPH Squeezer
Squeezer is a machine that all film recycler in the world must use in their recycling line.
De-watering is a big headache to film recycler; however, Chang Woen Squeezer solve all the problem, moisture removal rate 97%, capacity of different model from 0.6TPH to 1.0TPH


(3) Double Shaft Shredder
Specially for bulky and fluffy waste/ plastic materials, capacity from 0.5TPH to 20TPH

(4) 2.0TPH Quantitative Input Crusher
To maintain the speed of feeding materials in crusher and the stability of the current.


(5) Horizontal dryer for pelletizer
Smaller and simplify, also a cheaper horizontal dryer, but same function.

(6) Single Shaft Shredder
Specially for bulky and fluffy waste/ plastic materials, capacity from 0.5TPH to 3TPH


▲An incessant steam of European, Asian, African customer - Active expansion of regular customers, new customers looking for all-in-one washing and pelletizing line
About visitor, most buyers are from South east/South north Asia, followed by Eastern European and African buyers. According to experience and overall environment, Taiwan is still effected by geopolitics, so attracted buyers around Asia. Some buyers from Eastern Europe and Africa has been pay attention to Taiwanese products for a long time and they know that Taiwanese products are durable. About the durability of Taiwanese products, Taiwanese company did a very good job, they should persevere in it. About the trends of customer demand, although the poor global economy and the impact of the fall in oil prices, regular customers is still having a strategic expansion of capacity or replace old equipment to maintain competitiveness, so they can take the fastest reaction as they prepare a lot before economic recovery. On the other hand, most of the new customers are looking for upward or downward vertical integration, to step in recycling business from their original industry. Not only the force of Cooperate Social Responsibility, but also strengthen their competitiveness. Same as Japanese customers from SONY and Panasonic system that we met in this exhibition.

The Chairman of Chang Woen Machinery, Mr. Kao Ta Li said, “Taipei Plas is our home court, we must show up the best of the best and the newest machinery for customers.”
His courage and momentum lead Chang Woen stays No.1 in Taiwanese recycling equipment industry.


▲Chang Woen Workshop Tour – nearly 50 buyers visit Chang Woen PET bottles washing line demonstration
We sincerely invite Japanese customers and potential buyers come over visit Chang Woen workshop after Taipei Plas. Not only look around the manufacture sites and management in workshop, but also demonstrate a PET washing line before export to Greece. The input capacity of the washing line is 1.0TPH, PSF Grade and the contamination level of output flakes will less than 200 ppm. All production is automatic, only 2 operators are required for production. Nearly 50 buyers and customers were enjoyable to watch the washing line operate, they were amazed by the automatic of washing line. 6 groups of Japanese customers, 1 group of South African customers and 1 group of Ukrainian customers discussed fiercely after the demo. As of this writing, total 2 groups of Japanese customers invite Chang Woen to visit their factory to plan for a PET washing line.


▲Taipei Plas: