Successful Projects
Asia’s Largest HDPE Recycling Line with 8.0 TPH input capacity adopted CHANG WOEN Washing Line


The leading manufacturer of sheet product for industrial uses whichis located at the Tainan, the important area of manufacturing industry of Taiwan was officially and proudly completed and operated HDPE bottles for recycling and granulation lines by last month. With a capacity more than 4,000 tons per month, this customer decided to adopt CHANG WOEN washing line for the task after long evaluations. The project is aimedat HDPE bottle cleaning and recycling, processing bottles for consumer packaging, milk bottles and other wastes, recycling capacity is designed with 8,000 kg per hour, which is the largest productivity in Asia. The raw material stock in the yard where you can see is up to 4,000 tons per month to ensure that the downstream sheet production line has no worries to fear any raw material shortage while his sheet product sales is as rocket high. The sources of these raw material HDPE bottles are collected from all over the world, few domestic collection and mostly imported.


The 35-year-old manufacturer of industrial sheet has enjoyed a good reputation in the world for its sheet business and occupies the second largest market share in the world. Therefore, the demand for upstream raw materials is extremely strict and picky with enormous volume. In addition, the client commits to environmental protection responsibility and resource regeneration as priority task for long, making plastic recycled pellets with high quality products but very low secondary pollution, keep both competitiveness of cost and quality at the same time, which are favored by customers for the past 20 years. At the evaluation stage of this project, this customer consider CHANG WOEN asvery good solution provider with low energy consumption and high efficiency, equipped with easy operate, intelligent user interface and quick responseto maintenance and troubleshooting, in addition to, the most important,well reputationin recycling business for 32 years and enormous experiences all around the world which helps to customer a lot. Customer is very satisfied and happy to work with CHANG WOEN as long-term cooperation.


The chairman of the client gives complement to CHANG WOEN recycling equipment that, “The most satisfactory makes me excited and happy is with the large capacity and easy maintenance, and the quality of final project after process is extremely excellent and surprised.” The customer used to OEM to someone else, but now the quality is better than the OEM factories which they used to corporate with.They are happy to see the benefits on the investment choosing CHANG WOEN technology.


The client greatly and significantly increases its processing capacity, expands its revenue and reduces the manufacturing cost since CHANG WOEN Recycling System adopted. Therefore, it also has been actively considering whether to invest another project with CHANG WOEN in the United States soon.