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Thailand Large PET Recycler adopted CHANG WOEN Centrifuge Dryer for Good Efficiency


¢ One of the largest PET PCR Recycler in Thailand recently adopted Centrifuge Dryer for its flakes product to a better moisture removal to next level.
cated within 1 hour drive to the most popular tourism city Bangkok where is be able to receive enormous volume of PCR bottles generated through massive population of tourists, this customer has been dedicated into PET recycling business for more than 15 years has recently adopted Centrifuge Dryer from CHANG WOEN from Taiwan.


addition to features of performance of centrifuge dryer, it also comes several advantages to adopt CHANG WOEN’s machine. “Quick responses is important and the Market Info CHANG WOEN knows is very useful and interesting. It’s pretty much like you are linked to the world in real time status cuz CHANG WOEN shares me the latest technology, latest market trend and even be able to upgrade the software free without charges. “Says from the owner Mr. Tan.
one of the hundred tasks in PET recycling activities is moisture removal which is so crucial to affect on quality changes and capacity on extrusion stage, and further causes problems and loss during production of RPET granules. The moisture removal request is strictly demanded more than 99%. More specifically to be 0.8% moisture remaining is requested. CHANG WOEN Centrifuge Dryer for recycling business can successfully deliver big capacity and good moisture removal performance without compromise whereas many other machine makers may just deliver just one or another, but can not achieve what Mr. Tan requests in PET recycling business.


Besides, maintenance is always important related to downtime. CHANG WOEN Centrifuge Dryer is very easy to maintain, likewise that downtime takes less than 15min for weekly maintenance, and just one hour for monthly maintenance. Combining all advantages and features of centrifuge dryer, customer can now deliver better quality and more productivity and generate much more profits. As well as Mr. Tan, the owner, starts to consider to use CHANG WOEN washing line for his next expansion for his 3rd factory about PET washing plant soon.