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CHANG WOEN / K 2016 Follow up – Russian customers visit Hong Kong PE film washing line


Chang Woen Machinery Co., Ltd. made a big effort during K-Show 2016 exhibition, we had a good talk with the Russian customer and discussed a lot of details in the meeting. They are very interested in our equipment. And this is an honor to invite Russian customers to visit Hong Kong. The Russian customers visited a turnkey washing and pelletizing line for PE film, they felt very impressed with the management in Hong Kong factory as the Hong Kong customer keeps the site clean.

K show

「(Translate) Tony, your factory is very clean. There’s no water on the floor! I can’t believe this is a film washing line. I want to manage same as yours when I get back to Russia.」Russian customer, STAS said. Hong Kong customer representative, Tony replied,「All you need is good machines and line design for easy management. All costs are high in Hong Kong, we can’t only buy cheap equipment and technology, we must choose the right equipment carefully, also a completed line design. That’s the key to maintain the competitiveness of manufacturing industry in Hong Kong.」

The Russian customer looked around Chang Woen’s equipment in Hong Kong, such as Shredder, Friction Washing Tank, Centrifugal Dryer, Squeezer and Pelletizer. Both customers had a good talk on exchanging industry information, the Russian even invite Hong Kong customers visit their plant in the future.


Hong Kong Recycling Factory

After Hong Kong trip, Chang Woen Sales Manager, Amos Chou took the Russian customers to Taiwan for testing machines and explaining our design concept and process. There are many recycling washing equipment in Chang Woen workshop and Amos explained to customer,「The difference between Chang Woen and other companies in the same industry is, machine from other companies are not completed, they even not manufacture Crusher and Dryer, but bought machines from another company. That means they just made one or two machines, but claimed that they could sell customer a whole washing line. For all kinds of recycling machines, we retained many data and experiences against different recycling projects. The rate of self-manufacturing in Chang Woen is more than 80%, we’re very proud of it! 」The Russian customers strongly agreed with our concept; therefore, they asked questions continuously during the meeting, Chang Woen not only accepted challenge, but also proposed many answers that beyond their aspiration or brainstorming.


Machine testing in Chang Woen
De-watering equipment - Squeezer DE-350


Chang Woen workshop

After three-day of Intensive meetings and machine testing, fortunately, the customers signed a sales contract of Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand US dollars. Both of us are very cheerful, Stas even said, 「(Translate) I have confidence to be the best recycler in Russia in future, because we are going to have great equipment and good quality of production!」In addition, we had seafood in a famous restaurant in Taichung harbor, the customers feel very happy to have fresh and delicious dishes.


Having fresh seafood in Taichung Harbor