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K Show was successfully ended

Chang Woen Machinery Co., Ltd. attended 2019 K Show in Messe Duesseldorf during Oct. 16 2019~ Oct. 23 2019 in Germany. This is the biggest exhibition of rubber & plastic industry which is held every 3 years. K Show gathered the latest tendency, technology and information all over the world which is the most important exhibition of the major buyer and manufacturer in rubber & plastic industry every 3 years. If you miss the exhibition, you may lose the chance to find purchasers and business opportunities. On the contrary, if you don’t participate the exhibition, you will wait another three years to find the potential business opportunities. We realize the condition of recycle in European and even all over the world through K Show 2019 and we take K Show 2019 experience as reference for the future 3 years of Chang Woen research and development.



Except our staff, it is our pleasure that agent in Ukraine and Russia came to exhibition and worked with them during the whole exhibition. We also displayed our main product DE-300 squeezer in the exhibition. A spacious sitting area was provided for all to relax and talk with the Chang Woen staff and find out about their line of products. Add in a few self-explicative solution posters, you have a complete company booth supported by a friendly and knowledgeable staff.





Buyer could see and touch the machine directly in the exhibition which could make the deepest and comprehensive impression to the machine. At the same time, buyer and seller contract face to face could explain the advantages of the machines in the shortest time. We use the chance to show the world who are we and what we could provide.



Chang Woen shows our technology in recycle and provides the newest machine and the best service by 2019 K-Show and hopes that we could expand the market by attending exhibition. After five days of exposition and an incredible amount of visitors, Chang Woen can without a doubt say that K Show 2019 was a successful one. The interest in recycle is growing including buyers in European, Middle East, South Southeast Asia and so on and Chang Woen is please to bring a solution and innovations to everyone out there.  Thanks to all for making this year's K Show 2019 an exiting one and we are looking forward to next 3 years to see you again