PET Bottle pre-washer CW-BW7675

No need of De-baler because you can feed 2~3 baled PET bottles at same time without tear them apart. The period of time for washing is 45 min. After years of experiences and improvement, this unit can wash the bottles by HOT water and Chemicals, and has good performance on de-label function especially when you have labels which is glued on the bodies, and which is not easy to get rid of by scratching. Performance of labels removed is able to achieved 98% if integrate following label separation system.

● Washing with high-speed blade system, the washing performance is good.
● Draining the dirty water automatically.
● For big capacity
● It’s easy to maintenance and save your time.
● Applied to LDPE AG Film, PET bottle, Rigid PP Plastic


PET Bottle pre-washer(BW-7675)
Model No. BW-7675
Measurement ψ 7675mm(L) x 2470mm(W) x 4300mm(H)
Drum Size ψ 1900mm x 6000mm(L)
Material SUS304
Total Power 40HP
Time of Waching Cycle 45minutes / Rcycle
Design 3 Times of washing stages