PE.PP.ABS.PET Washing & Separation Equipment/System AP3000+FL4500

● Washing with high-speed blade system, the washing performance is good.
● Draining the dirty water automatically.
● For big capacity
● It’s easy to maintenance and save your time.
● Applied to LDPE AG Film, PET bottle, Rigid PP Plastic


Floatation Tank (FL4500/5000/6000)
Model No FL-4500 FL-5000 FL-6000
Measurement 4500(L)x1500(W)x2200(H)mm 5000(L)x1500(W)x2200(H)mm 6000(L)x1500(W)x2200(H)mm
Material SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
Total Power 13HP 14HP 14HP
Capacity Rigid Plastic ~2000 Rigid Plastic ~3000 Rigid Plastic 3500~4000
Capacity Film 1500~2000 Film 2000~2500 Film 2500~3000


Turbo Fricition Washer (AP3000/4500)
Model No AP3000 AP4500
(Height Adjustable)
3335(L)x900(W)x3850(H)mm 4835(L)x900(W)x3838(H)mm
Drum Size Ø800mmx3000mm(L) Ø800mmx4500mm(L)
Material SUS304 SUS304
Total Power 15~20HP 20~30HP
Capacity 800~1000 kg/hr 1000~1500 kg/hr